The blood sisters ntv

Originally titled as Kung Kailangan Mo Akothe murder mystery addresses issues affecting family relationships such as infidelity, mental illness, particularly schizophrenia and pathological lying. Joseph and his half brother Obet McCoy de Leon grow up fatherless, each from a different father. Victor returns to Joseph's life and things are starting to get better for their family, but Victor dies suddenly in Joseph's home. The two families collide, shocking their two sons and devastating Olivia Buenavidez Eula ValdezVictor's widow.

Olivia turns her anger on Raquel Mylene DizonJoseph's mother, and blames her for her husband's untimely death. The autopsy reveals poison in Victor's system, his death turns into a homicide investigation. Olivia quickly points the blame on the Reyes family. Victor's Will further complicates matters when Joseph and Raquel are named co-heirs with the first family, with Joseph receiving equal shares as his two other brothers, Enzo and Calvin.

The will stipulates Joseph must complete his education in the same private school as his brothers, and upon graduating university, share in the management of the company with Enzo. Aside from a lump sum bequest, Raquel is also given a seat in the board. The investigation intensifies as suspicions shift from Joseph and Raquel to Calvin and Olivia. While the siblings try to deal with the new family dynamics, Olivia continues to cast aspersions on the Reyes family, specifically Raquel and Joseph.

Joseph pursues his own investigation and discovers leads which he provides the police, further angering Olivia. As clashes between both families escalate in the school campus and the boardroom, the investigation leads to Dado Castillo Jeric Ravalthe Buenavidez family driver.

Dado and Olivia grew up together despite the fact that Dado's father was their servant. As children, Olivia leaned on Dado as her protector against her father's harsh disciplinary upbringing. He falls in love with her but she marries Victor. In one moment of weakness, when Victor and Olivia's marriage is under a lot of strain, Olivia and Dado spend the night together and Calvin is conceived. Victor learns the truth when Dado secretly leaks the DNA result on his desk bureau for him to find, information that sparked his and Olivia's separation.

The discovery of their mother's affair and Calvin's paternity devastate the boys, while the lies and coverups intensifies. As Joseph's investigation leads him closer to the truth, Olivia pressures Dado to kill Joseph. When Dado is captured, he confesses to the assault and attempted murder of the Reyeses, the murder of SP01 Colmenares Michael Rivero and admits to poisoning Victor.

The police are skeptical because they have concrete evidence that Dado had an accomplice who Colmenares struggled with before he died. Hazel Loisa Andalio is eliminated because she is adopted. While all these are happening, Olivia attempts to flee to America with her sons to start a new life.

A departure hold is placed against her and they are detained just before they board. The departure hold affects Calvin the hardest as his mental state deteriorates even further and his schizophrenic personalities begin to emerge. He hears voices in his head, warnings that the truth will destroy him. Enzo's concern for Calvin increases and promises to be there for his brother but he is conflicted when he discovers more lies from his mother, her embezzlement of BDG funds.

He wants to reach out to Hazel but is torn between covering up his family's secrets, or doing the right thing and get help for his brother. Calvin's psychiatrist strongly recommends confinement in a psych facilities for his psychotic episodes. At Olivia's Estafa trial, the court hears testimony from Randy Villamanca, BDG's former head of finance, attesting that he has been diverting company funds to Olivia's offshore accounts under her specific instructions.

But his testimony is questioned when the funds are missing from her secret offshore account. Just when it looks like Olivia's careful lies unravel, the unthinkable happens when the court grants her a not guilty verdict for lack of evidence. Olivia's lawyers point out there is no evidence that proves Olivia received the funds. Strangely, Anthony instructs Villamanca to hide. Despite Olivia's courtroom triumphs, Calvin's mental health quickly deteriorates, his paranoia pushes him to break into Anthony's home.

Anthony and Joseph catch him and after a violent altercation with Joseph, turn him over to authorities. This time, police focus on Calvin's alibi, Justine Alexa Ilacadthreatening her with possible charges of obstruction of justice.Cayetanoand Trina N.

the blood sisters ntv

The series stars Julia Montes as Ana Dimasalang, a paramedic who became Gael's nurse after saving him in an accident. She becomes entwined in an assassination plot arranged by the del Mundo's and Ojeda's upon witnessing their plan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. Main article: Asintado season 1. Main article: Asintado season 2. January 16, Retrieved January 16, January 17, Retrieved January 17, January 18, Retrieved January 20, January 19, January 22, Retrieved January 26, January 23, January 25, January 26, Retrieved January 27, January 29, Retrieved January 30, January 31, Retrieved February 2, February 2, Retrieved February 3, February 5, Retrieved February 6, February 6, Retrieved February 9, February 7, Retrieved February 14, February 8, February 12, February 13, February 15, Retrieved February 15, February 20, The three sides of Ana follows the story of three sisters who lose their parents in a car accident.

Ana Leticia causes the accident, which leads to the death of her parents. Her sister Ana Laura loses her leg while Ana Lucia falls in the river and is raised by Soledad, a local woman who finds her. Ana Laura grows up to be an innocent and lonely girl. She refuses to believe that Ana Lucia died in the accident and hopes to find her. She falls in love with Ramiro but she feels unworthy of his love because of her handicap.

Meanwhile, Ana Leticia is a narcissist who is always in need of attention and takes pleasure in humiliating her sister. She plans the death of her husband, Santiago but he survives and suffers from Amnesia. The story gets more complicated when the lives of the three sisters eventually intertwine. You shouldn't either. Events Movies KenyaBuzz Kids. Posted: September 12, Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

About the author. Similar articles recommended for you. Telenovela Soundtracks to Add to Your Playlist.Many years ago, a wealthy couple, Debbie and Norman Almeda, enlisted their housekeeper Adele to carry their baby through in-vitro fertilization.

Unfortunately, the deal fell through when Adele miscarried. Devastated and desperate, Norman seduced Adele and got her pregnant again, with Debbie none the wiser about the failed surrogacy.

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Adele's guilt at the charade however, caused her to flee from her employers. Eventually, Adele gave birth to triplets; sisters who were soon separated from each other because of Norman's plot to abduct one - unaware that there were three.

One of these orphans is Pilar Miranda, who is really the daughter of Manuela. Manuela had gotten pregnant at the age of 15 and had to give up her newborn daughter for adoption; years later, she became a journalist and began searching for her child. Pusong Ligaw is a classic story about friendship, love, and achieving dreams.

Two women, Tessa and Marga are bound by a promise to keep their friendship forever. This fictional drama follows them through the disintegration of their friendship, the tragedy in their lives and their children's, and their reconciliation. Already in the big city, Edwin abandons her with their two sons, and she must overcome difficulties and lack of money.

She'll sacrifice everything to make her son Victor's dream of becoming a professional football player come true. Although the financial situation gets more complicated each day, Victor makes his mother a promise: "With my football I will buy you a palace, dear mother, I will take you to the sky".

Several years later, her son manages to buy her an apartment at the Sky Building. However, problems will start with elitist neighbors that feel envious of Tina Manotas' new and luxurious life.

Nevertheless, everyone ignores that her presence in this house is about to change the entire family's destiny, for good. The entire Medina family is outraged by the news and they push Juana to give them the insurance money. She is tired of everyone's selfishness and she clears it up to them that she won't allow anyone to distribute the money because she will do it herself keeping in mind Andrea and Fabiola's well-being. Hortensia kicks Juana out of the house not anticipating her grandchildren would stand up for her, but eventually they get to throw her out.

Telephone:Email: info. The Blood Sisters E64 The Blood Sisters E65 We are Family E77 We are Family E78 We are Family E79 We are Family E80 We are Family E81 We are Family E82 We are Family E83 The following is a list of events affecting Philippine television in Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel launches, closures and rebrandings, as well as information about controversies and carriage disputes.

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the blood sisters ntv

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Overview of the events of in Philippine television. Eat Bulaga! Main article: List of programs broadcast by The 5 Network. January 6: Norn9 January Chef vs. Main article: List of programs broadcast by People's Television Network.

Which Blood Sister are You?

All The Way! January 1: Oh! May 6: Showbiz Pa More! Part 1 to 3 on Yey! Zexal season 1 on Yey! Bean: The Animated Series on Yey! Main article: List of Philippine televlsion specials aired in Main article: List of programs aired by The 5 Network. December Ultimate Fighting Championship. Main article: List of programs aired by People's Television Network. Zexal season 1 rerun and The Loud House season 1 on Yey! August Naruto Shippuden season 3 on Yey! November BeyWheelz on Yey! December Sorpresaya on Cine Mo!

Anime Pilipinas. February 3, Retrieved April 20, April 29, This fictional story follows the lives of triplets, separated as infants, and the complex events that bring them together. Her work as an entertainer helps provide for her son's medical bills, but her job exposes her to the seedy darkness and dangers of the business, and that is what happened one evening when she witnesses a waitress murder a syndicate member in the club's private dancing room.

The killer, known only as Ana Cruz quickly disappears and the syndicate is eager to retrieve a ledger they think Erika took. They send assassins to silence her. With her life and her son's safety at risk, Erika leaves him with her friend Bruce Ogie Diaz and escapes to Manila. The assassins catch up with her in Manila, but she manages to escape and Fate hurls another woman along their path. The woman, Carrie Almeda, is a dead ringer for Erica, and the killers mistake her for Erika.

They shoot and abduct her. Meanwhile, Erika finds herself assuming her double's identity, hiding under the safety net of Carrie Almeda's world for a brief time.

What originally started as a Surrogacy Agreement between Adele and the couple falls through when Adele suffers a miscarriage. With no viable fertilized eggs left for another In vitro fertilisation and desperate for a child, Norman seduces Adele and gets her pregnant again.

They continue the surrogacy charade, with Debbie none the wiser, but Adele changes her mind shortly before she delivers and escapes from the Almedas. Unaware that Adele gives birth to triplets, Norman hires men to get their child back as he undertakes a search himself.

Norman tracks Adele in Davao City and takes the infant Agnes away from her arms. By a cruel twist of fate, Almeda's men snatch the other infant, Almira, from Adele's mother at the wet market nearby. Norman assumes his men made a mistake and notifies them that he already has the infant, so the kidnappers leave Almira in an empty carton in a garbage dump. For the next 26 years the triplets Almira, Agnes and Agatha all played by Erich Gonzales live separate lives with no idea about each other.

Agnes is renamed Carrie, and raised by the wealthy Almedas in Santa Rosa, Laguna and grows up in affluence.

The Blood Sisters: Carrie, Erika and Agatha finally meet - EP 28

She is a sophisticated, highly educated and accomplished professional with a medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology from Sweden.

On the other hand, Almira's life is diametrically different because the infant is abandoned in the streets, is fostered by a Tanod a Barangay or Barrio Police Enforcer in Davao City and grows up in extreme poverty.

Almira is renamed Erika, simple and kind, but having not gone past high school, is not able to get out of the poverty she grew up in. To augment her income to meet her son's medical needs, she works as a stripper and lives in the seedy world of criminals. On the opposite side of their family spectrum, the third infant grows up as lost as her other siblings.

While many would invariably assume that Agatha, the only infant left with Adele, was the most fortunate of the triplet, the truth is far from everyone's assumptions. After the kidnapping, Adele moves to Benguet with her mother and the remaining baby.

Although Agatha is raised be her grandmother in middle class comfort, she resents her absent mother, who works as an OFW in Dubai for the past 26 years.Asintado transl.

The series follows the paths of the Ramirez siblings who live polar opposite lives after being separated at a young age. The siblings' lives are thrust into a world of politics, power and corruption that shake their core values, murder their loved ones and potentially destroy themselves. The older sibling Katrina Shaina Magdayao is eager to shed her old life for the gilded world of her rich and powerful adopted parents and she shuts off the memory of her younger sister.

The younger sibling, Juliana Julia Montes does not stop searching for her sister and embraces the loving and poor family who adopts her. Their paths cross as young adults but they do not recognize each other.

They are in love with the same man, Gael Ojeda Paulo Avelino. Their conflict becomes more dangerous than just a love triangle and sibling rivalry.

The season explores the aftermath of Gael's death — from the changes in the characters' relationships, the sacrifices for family, and the consequences of revenge. Angelica Panganiban was originally supposed to co-star in this project, but was forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.

Isabelle Daza was cast at a later point, but then dropped out due to her pregnancy. She was replaced by Shaina Magdayao. He was replaced by Aljur Abrenica. According to an episode of the talk show Tonight with Boy Abunda in JulyJulia Montes announced that the series would began principal photography in August The drama was originally titled as Victims of Love. In Septemberthe title was changed to Asintado. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Asintado Title card. Action Drama Thriller Political Revenge.

the blood sisters ntv

Danica Mae S. Domingo David F. Lino S. Cayetano Trina N.

the blood sisters ntv

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